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A steamy, seductive, heartwarming, emotional story about love and losses.

Silent Heart

After the most unforgettable night, Ava has ever had, what could possibly go wrong?



Rich in emotions of love, loss, and future happiness. Ava has struggled with self-love, insecurities and a Silent Heart as she grieves the death of family members and the end of her marriage. After dating her old high school friend and crush, Ben Wolfe, for the past few months, he shows her a night she will never forget. One full of passion, love and promise of forever, but will it be enough? Can Ava find her happily ever after with Ben? Or will she succumb to the challenges when her narcissistic ex-husband, Rowan, reappears in her life? Ava seems to be intrigued by Rowan’s proposal for her daughter’s education, but she has reservations about his motives. She worries that he may be employing his past tactics of exploiting her vulnerabilities to win her over. Ben and Ava seem to be struggling with their emotional connection, and their efforts to communicate are only pushing them further apart. Ben’s optimism prevails, even in the face of persistent stalking by his former love interest. He maintains his hope of restoring his relationship with Ava, undeterred by the challenges he faces. In order to achieve genuine happiness, Ava needs to prioritize her independence, focus on her own healing, and work on rebuilding her ability to trust and love.

To New Beginnings Trilogy
Book Two

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This is my new favorite author. Silent Heart is her second book in this brilliantly written series and it will leave you breathless. Emotional, intense, romantic, and captivating…this story is everything. Ben and Ava are tormented characters with so many layers carefully crafted and explored that I found myself silently praying they get the HEA they so deeply deserve. Their relationship is a wild maze full of grief, vulnerability, self-discovery, and undying love. Real emotions. Real drama. I can’t wait for Book 3! 5/5 stars.

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