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Silent Grief


A steamy, seductive, heartwarming, emotional story about love and losses.

Moving to Bellemere was the best thing Arya Alexander could have done for herself. But can she get over the silent grief and the memories of the past? As she continues to move forward in life, her interior design business has taken off. She has a lot to keep her occupied, from meeting new friends to seeing new places, but is it enough? When Jacob Ryan bumps into her, she can’t stop thinking about those extraordinary sapphire-blue eyes as he takes over her dreams night after night with forbidden pleasure. Arya had never experienced such heat, such passion in the steamiest seductions of a man. After Jacob’s failed marriage, he was afraid to let anyone in again until he looked into Arya’s eyes. Now Jacob can’t believe how real her touch feels. He needs to find her, and as their paths keep crossing, he feels the pull of her, longing for the simple pleasure of emotional nourishment and the promise of forever-after love.

Book One

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SILENT GRIEF is the story of two people who are getting over relationships and a missed connection they just can’t forget. Jacob is a powerful businessman who recently divorced. When he bumps into a woman at the airport, he is stunned by her beauty, but misses the chance to get her name. Anya recently lost her husband Liam in a terrible accident that also took her father and brother. She is still grieving and we see the love that she and Liam shared throughout the book in flashback (I thought those scenes were really powerful.) She also can’t get the man she encountered at the airport out of her head. One thing I loved about this book is had a great feel like that movie Serendipity. The two main characters are both friends with another of the main couples, Isabelle and Andrew, as Andrew works for Jacob and Anya does interior design for them. There are all these fun near misses and I also liked seeing Isabelle and Andrew as a couple. I really liked the author’s note at the end, and loved how the book incorporated the themes that life goes on no matter how bad our losses and love and happiness are possible after loss and grief. This was steamy and romantic and I can’t wait for Deborah Adele’s next book! 5/5 stars.

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