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Woman of Strength Series

By Lucy Appadoo

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In Rio's Shadow

Review by Deborah Adele

Rio’s Shadows is a great Romantic Suspense – The Author, Lucy Appadoo, pulls the reader into Blanca’s story right from the beginning. She has a remarkable ability in world-building and character development.

When Blanca was offered a chance to move up in her career and take a promotion in Brazil, she jumped at the opportunity. There’s also a chance to make a name for herself by exposing a powerful story: child sex exploitation in Rio’s poverty-stricken neighbourhoods.

Returning to her parent’s native country in Brazil – a place Blanca had not returned to since they left from a vacation abruptly when she was ten years old. Leaving from circumstances that her parents refused to talk about.

But the return to Rio also means the return of nightmares from Blanca’s childhood.

As Blanca and Carlos investigate child exploitation in Rio, the shadows of Blanca’s nightmares become dark memories of something she cannot yet understand. Shadows of Carlos’s past, too, stalk them—until they become a terrifying and dangerous reality. Blanca and Carlos must learn the identity of a murderous puppet master.

Through everything, the romance and love between Carlos and Blanca grew.

I enjoyed this fast-paced, easy-read series.

Shadows of the Past

Review by Deborah Adele

Shadows of the Past, Book Two in the Woman of Strength Series – The Author, Lucy Appadoo, does it again when she pulls the reader into Daniela’s story right from the beginning.

Daniela Lopez’s dance school was just taking off when shocking news was reported about her estranged father, a man she hadn’t seen in six years, began scaring off her clients.

An ambitious reporter Rafael revealed her father was an embezzler, bringing more public shame to Daniela and her family.

What made her father leave them in the first place, and how could a healthy man suddenly die of a heart attack? How could he have stolen money? Who is leaving crossword puzzles with clues? Who is stalking them?

There were so many unanswered questions, and Daniela, with the help of Rafael, did their own investigation.

Together, Daniela and Rafael uncover a shocking secret in Spain’s ruggedly beautiful Basque Country. The question is: can they beat the stalker’s deadline to save Daniela’s family?

Through everything, the romance and love between Daniela and Rafael grew. I enjoyed this fast-paced, easy-read series.

Secrets in the Shadows

Review by Deborah Adele

Secrets in The Shadows, Book Three in the Woman of Strength Series – The Author, Lucy Appadoo, does it again when she pulls the reader into Kim’s story right from the beginning.

What do you do when a drug-dealing ex-boyfriend, Manuel, returns with something to tell you?

Kim's former boyfriend, Manuel, who has a criminal past, has recently been released from prison. He pays a visit to Kim and hands her a letter, requesting her to deliver it to his brother, Ricardo.

While working as an informant for the police, Manuel is soon murdered.

Kim travels to Madrid to visit Ricardo, a former detective who now manages a hotel and is determined to bring his brother's killer to justice, no matter the expense.

Kim and Ricardo embark on a dangerous quest to uncover the truth about his brother's killer in the South American drug cartel. However, a chain of events leads them deeper into treacherous territory, where they encounter deceit and grave danger. As the body count rises, they realize the gravity of their mission.

No one can be trusted, and the final showdown will prove deadly, while Ricardo fights to suppress his feelings for Kim in order to ensure her safety.

A captivating read full of suspense and romance.

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