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Grief: Self-Care

What is self-care – it is caring for your whole self. It is anything we do to care for our body, mind and soul, from our physical to our emotional health.

Whether you are grieving from death, separation or divorce, it is extremely important to take the time for yourself every day.

We all grieve in our own personal and unique way. However, when a loss happens, it can be such a shock that we forget how to do simple things.

Your life has now changed and so has your routine, but, where do you start? Start by making your bed.

Simply make your bed every morning, and you will have accomplished the day's first task.

I do not own the rights to the video below, but it is definitely worth the share. Navy Seal Admiral shares reasons to make your bed every day.

Get moving, get up take a shower, brush your teeth, and style your hair. If you wear make-up, put it on. Doing these things will make you feel fresh every day. I use products from Pine River Soap Company. My favourite one is the lavender bar it brings me comfort and awakens my senses every morning.

Get a manicure/pedicure or a massage, anything that makes you feel good. Start the day with a healthy breakfast, and no matter how difficult it seems, try to eat three meals a day. You may not have an appetite, but without proper nutrition, you will not have the energy to get things done or make it through the day. Try your best to make sure that the foods you eat are healthy. Diet is a significant part of self-care. Not eating was a big problem for me and if it wasn’t for my good friend/neighbour and family, I may not have eaten at all. But over time, I learned - Eat right, feel right!

Physical health is also a part of self-care – research has shown that regular exercise increases serotonin in our body, which improves our mood and energy. I suggest you don’t overdo it, take it slow, maybe take walks with nature and enjoy what the world has to offer. Activity throughout the day will help you sleep better. Your body needs time to rest and recover to make us feel refreshed and it also helps us with concentration throughout the day.

We are truly unique individuals and so are our paths to healing from loss. There is no timeline for grief, so be patient with yourself.

Grief can be raw, painful and overwhelming. It is important to take care of yourself because you are valuable and loved. If you are struggling, remember there is help out there for you. You could accept support from a trusted friend or family member.

Call your doctor or a mental health professional when you need it.

Thank you for reading!

Much love,

Deborah Adele

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