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The Heart Series

By Peggy Lovelace Ellis

About the author - From early childhood, Peggy dreamed of writing stories but fiction eluded her as years passed. In the meantime, her editing business kept her busy editing candidates’ advanced honors degrees, master’s theses, doctoral dissertations, and post-docs. She also edited faculty research in many disciplines. Apparently by osmosis, she learned to write fiction while she edited fiction for various authors. Once the words started, they never stopped.

Gardening and travel provided grist for the mill of Peggy’s creativity. Her earliest publications (and continuing) were essays in nationally distributed magazines and ezines on those subjects, among others. She received an honorable mention in a Writer’s Digest contest, placing at #68 of 1800 entries for creative nonfiction articles. Peggy’s cozy mysteries have been finalists in St, Martin’s Press Malice Domestic Contest on four occasions. Peggy produced two anthologies for her writers group: Lest the Colors Fade and A Beautiful Life and Other Stories.

In 2021, Peggy published Silver Shadows, Stories of Life in a Small Town with the uniqueness of the town being the primary character. It introduces itself, gives its history, and introduces stories of some of its residents. These short stories lead into a romantic suspense Peggy expects to publish in early 2024.

In 2020, Peggy published Challenges on the Home Front, World War II, Second Edition, containing stories of women who lived in eight countries during the war years; men's non-battle memories, and research of the women's equality movement which led directly from the war years to the ERA movement of the 1970s.


I recently finished the Heart series that Peggy wrote over the years. She researched and wrote the three-volume Regency series, The Uncertain Heart, The Merry Heart, and The Uncertain Heart. She chose to publish the Heart series in February, June, and August 2023.

The Uncertain Heart

Review by Deborah Adele

Who is the girl with the haunting blue eyes?

In ‘The Uncertain Heart,’ Peggy Lovelace Ellis introduces us to the character of Rebecca Marie Louise Black. I have recently read a captivating historical fiction story that follows the journey of an orphan in the early 1800s, who is on a quest to discover her true identity. As she develops feelings for the Earl of Shelburne, figuring out her ancestry becomes their shared priority. Rebecca understands that knowledge of her family lineage is crucial, as without it, society deems her unfit to marry the Earl.

If you're a fan of heartwarming Regency novels, I highly recommend delving into the first book of the Heart Series. Peggy Lovelace Ellis has created a beautifully crafted story that will transport you back in time.

The Merry Heart

Review by Deborah Adele

This captivating historical fiction is set in the picturesque countryside. The story begins with a chance encounter between Louise, a young and spirited girl, and Major George Stafford, a dashing military man who has returned from the war. Their meeting takes an unexpected turn when George kisses Louise, a bold move on his part.

Louise lives with her grandparents, the Granvilles, in a sprawling estate. Unfortunately, Louise's parents passed away when she was young, and her grandparents disowned her father for marrying someone from a lower social class. As a result, Louise was placed in an orphanage, but her grandparents eventually took her in.

George is recovering from a leg injury sustained during the war.

As Louise and George get to know each other better, they uncover many mysteries that have been buried for years. The story takes readers on a journey through the complexities of social class, family dynamics, and the power of love.

Get ready to be swept away by the vivid imagery and charming characters in this excellent book.

The Divided Heart

Review by Deborah Adele

Marie Louise Rebecca Haverford is the only child of Sir Julian Haverford, a distinguished government official, and Lady Becca, a socialite known for her beauty and charm. Marie is a fun-loving girl who has always enjoyed the finer things in life, but she is also quite intelligent, as her father discovers when she accidentally interferes with his work at Whitehall.

When Sir Julian and Marie arrive in London for her second Season, Marie meets John Beaufort, a Whitehall associate of her father's who has a reputation for being impervious to the charms of young ladies. Despite Lady Becca's warnings, Marie decides to try and win Beaufort's heart. However, Beaufort is not easily swayed, partly because he distrusts frivolous women and partly because he is preoccupied with the theft of military funds in Spain.

Marie, who is used to getting what she wants, is confused about why Beaufort doesn't show any interest in her, even though she is beautiful and wealthy. She never displays any intelligence and behaves as expected of a society girl, flirting with every man in sight. Beaufort, on the other hand, is intrigued by Marie's alternating personality traits and begins to see her in a different light.

As Marie tries to woo Beaufort, she learns more about his work at Whitehall and becomes involved in his investigation into the missing funds. Despite the danger, Marie is determined to prove herself to Beaufort and help him solve the case. Along the way, she discovers her own strength and intelligence, and Beaufort begins to see her in a new light.

Will Marie go to great lengths to capture Beaufort's heart? Or will she realize that she doesn't need a man to validate her worth and find happiness on her own? Only time will tell...

Get ready to be swept away again by Peggy’s vivid imagery and charming characters in this final book in the Heart Series book.


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